Are Soy Candles Safe To Burn?

Are Soy Candles Safe? -  Is a question that cannot be answered with a simple answer or a brief yes or no.
The truth is, that all soy candles are not created equal.  There is really no laws that state that a candle company has to disclose what is in their wax and candles. Many ingredients that are put in soy candles to make them cheaper  or easier to produce can not only be hazardous to the enviroment but completely unsafe to burn. This is true especially for burning these candles around babies, children, pets and pregnant women.  Many ingredients can include cancer causing agents or chemicals that have been found to affect reproductive functions, trigger migraines, headaches and allergies

If  you are looking to purchase a safe soy candle to burn, you must begin by finding out the ingredients. Since it is not necessary for candle companies to list their ingredients, you want to do your research and find candle companies that are proud to list their natural and safe soy candle ingredients.  The candle companies that do not put this info on their websites more than likely have something to hide. When a candle company goes through the painstaking measures and troubles of creating a natural and safe soy candle, they WILL mention it on their sites. Take it from us, we are proud of our safe and natural SoyStar Candles and we will tell you over and over again.  If you can’t find this information on a companys’ website, you should go to length of contacting them. It is best to do this via email so you can have their answer in writing, this will make them answer your question truthfully because if anything is ever found out differently, they can get into big trouble if they lie.

Basically, there are 3 main things to look for when you are choosing Soy Candles

  1. Are the candles phthalate free (phthalates are dangerous chemicals added to fragrances, for more info read our post on phthalates )
  2. Are the wicked with natural, metal free wicks (some wicks contain dangerous lead or zinc cores which can be detrimental to your health)
  3. Are they 100% paraffin free (paraffin contains 30 known toxins and carcinogens and yes many candle companies claiming to have Soy candles blend in paraffin, sometimes as much as 75%!)

SoyStar Candles were created using the above 3 guidelines. You can lite them and literally breathe easy knowing that we go to great lengths to create natural and safe, soy candles.

Breathe Easy! Browse our candles here.

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